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If you’re looking for something more than the typical DJ, look no further. DJ ROCKSTAR delivers not only the music, but the added extra of …Live Electric Guitar!
From screaming guitar solos over a Timberlake tune, to soulful riffs over R&B, every lick is 100% live and designed to give your event the “in-concert” feel only a musician can create. Almost any song…can be a DJ Rockstar solo!!
DJ Rockstar can also be packaged with 2 to 4 Go-Go dancers in costume styles ranging from “corporate” to “sexy” including  two  to  four 4’x4′ light pods. DJ Rockstar’s years of performing in live bands and as a DJ/VJ/Emcee makes the perfect combination to rock the dance floor! DJ Rockstar can perform 3-4 live guitar solos per hour.  Each solo is approximately 2-4 minutes in length.